What does the Institute do?

The Institute protects, monitors, explains and promotes human rights in the Netherlands through research, advice, awareness raising and through individual assessment in the case of discrimination.

The Institute will report each year on the situation in the Netherlands in relation to human rights. In order to monitor international recommendations effectively, from the United Nations for example, the Institute has collected these recommendations in a knowledge bank which is to be found on the website www.mensenrechtenkwesties.nl.

The Human Rights Institute takes over all the activities of the Equal Treatment Commission. This means that the Institute promotes and monitors compliance with the equal treatment laws and assesses whether discrimination has taken place in the workplace, in education or as a consumer in individual cases.


Human rights are everywhere and relate to broad social developments. Among the themes which the Human Rights Institute will focus on in the coming years are:

  • Care for the elderly and human rights
  • Migration and human rights
  • Access to work

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