Mission and ambition

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights explains, monitors and protects human rights, promotes respect for human rights (including equal treatment) in practice, policy and legislation, and increases the awareness of human rights in the Netherlands. 

The Institute seeks to improve the human rights situation in the Netherlands and thereby contributes to create a society:

  • in which the observance of human rights is assured for all those who find themselves in the Netherlands or within the Dutch sphere of influence;
  • with a culture of respect for human rights;
  • in which everyone can participate with freedom and dignity without hindrance from prejudice or discrimination and where everyone can develop his or her full potential.¬†

To achieve this ambition the Institute has adopted the following strategic objectives:

  • Human rights are guaranteed in policy, laws and regulations.
  • Human rights violations by government or third parties are avoided and corrected.
  • All people in the Netherlands understand their rights and the rights of others, and are able to enjoy those rights.
  • Government, parliament, organisations and individuals take active responsibility in relation to human rights.

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