Starting points

In executing its tasks the Institute maintains the following basic principles:

  1. The Institute performs its task independently.
  2. The Institute sets its own agenda and decides the form and content of its own communications.
  3. The Institute performs its tasks independently from national government, parliament, local or regional government and organisations in civil society.
  4. The Institute operates forcefully and with determination; it is unflinching.
  5. The Institute performs its tasks independently but does so in constant liaison with partners from civil society, the scientific community and government.
  6. The Institute is accessible. It constantly seeks dialogue to allow organisations and individuals to make their views known.
  7. The Institute operates as transparently as possible. Research, recommendations, assessments and other reports are all public. The Institute ensures that its tasks are performed in a way that can easily be followed by others (such as parliament). The Institute publishes an annual report in which its financial responsibilities are also accounted for.
  8. The Institute is open to criticism and approachable for its mistakes.
  9. The Institute only acts if its work has added value.
  10. The Institute adopts an active but unbiased attitude toward the social (public) debate.

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