The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has the following statutory tasks:

    1. The Institute will investigate possible (systematic) violations of human rights and the protection of those rights in a specific area. 
The Institute will conduct independent research and report the findings. The Institute carries out three types of research:
      • The Institute investigates the protection of human rights. On the basis of the results the Institute is able to deploy a range of instruments, such as offering advice about laws and regulations or providing information to specific target groups.
      • The Institute investigates whether discrimination is or has been taking place as referred to in the equal treatment legislation. This type of investigation leads to an assessment, and is therefore different in kind from the first-mentioned type. It is not the task of the Institute to deal with individual complaints about violations of human rights, other than those relating to equal treatment. The Institute may refer individual complaints on to the appropriate bodies.
      • The Institute investigates on her own initiative whether systematic discrimination is taking place. This research is also limited to equal treatment and leads to an assessment. Furthermore there has to be a suspicion of systematic discrimination.
    2. To produce reports and to make recommendations in the field of human rights, including an annual report on the human rights situation in the Netherlands.
    3. To advise on (draft) legislation and policy which is directly or indirectly related to human rights.
    4. To provide information in the field of human rights and to promote and coordinate human rights education..
    5. To encourage research into the protection of human rights.
    6. To cooperate structurally with civil society organisations and national, European and international institutions, by for instance organising activities in partnership with civil society organisations.
    7. To urge the government to ratify, implement and observe human rights treaties as well as to urge to remove the provisions in such treaties.
    8. To urge the government to implement and observe binding resolutions of international institutions on human rights.
    9. To urge the government to observe European and international recommendations on human rights.

The mandate of the Institute also extends to the Caribbean Netherlands that are the islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. This applies to all the tasks of the Institute, with the exception of her assessment task in relation to equal treatment.

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